A proactive approach, global footprint and a rapid response to keep your people safe, even while on the move

No other company provides a fully-integrated medical and security assistance solution in-house. Our unequaled global network of more than 90,000 specialist resources is enhanced by real-time intelligence tools that inform and prepare your people to avoid as well as react to changing circumstances. From our Emergency Response Center, our global capabilities are delivered in over 100 languages and benefit from the efficiency of a centralized operational model that enhances co-ordination, care management and cost control.

Traveling under our worldwide blanket of care, your globally mobile populations are briefed before they go, have access to care when they are away, and are secure in the knowledge that we have the capabilities to bring them to safety in an emergency.

Our Assistance and Evacuation solutions include:

Medical Assistance and Evacuation: Includes destination intelligence, Global Medical Briefings and 'Hospital of Choice' options

Security Assistance and Evacuation: Managed through our Crisis Management Center and includes Global Security Briefings

Natural Disaster Assistance and Evacuation: Transportation to a safe haven and onwards to your home destination

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50Percentageof the world’s population are now at risk from dengue fever. Make sure your workforce isn’t part of the statistic.

Download our Dengue avoidance pdf Source: WHO

Physicians per 10,000 population:

medical and security intelligence services Source: World Bank
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