Integrated medical care to protect those in-flight

Whatever your flight path, our Aviation Medical Emergency Response gives you a single source for in-flight emergency medical, security and travel needs to safeguard the health and wellbeing of those on your aircraft. On the ground, your people are protected by our fully-integrated medical and security assistance service. In the air we’ll connect you within seconds to a specialist physician to provide real-time advice and support for your crew in a medical emergency and, should the need arise, our medical coordinators will work with dispatch and operations, to divert and direct your aircraft to the healthcare facility most appropriate to your passenger’s condition.

Our Aviation Medical Emergency Response solutions include:

Aviation Assistance Program: Access to an in-flight emergency physician three-second 'hotline', plus Medical Access and Security Access Assistance Programs

Aviation Emergency Medical Kit: Medical and first aid kits to support in-flight patient care

Aviation Medical Emergency Training: Training in first aid practices and procedures

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Physicians per 10,000 population:

medical and security intelligence services Source: World Bank
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