Medical Supplies and Equipment

Powered by MedeKit, our medical supplies division, we have the capability to equip and resupply an existing or new clinic. Choose from a full range of off-the-shelf medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and equipment, or customize your own kits.

What makes UnitedHealthcare Global different?

  • From first-aid kits, to portable X-ray units, and armored ambulances, our comprehensive range of medical equipment and supplies is designed for medical teams operating in limited space and without mainstream medical support.
  • Medics need to be able to treat patients and prescribe with confidence. Our robust medical protocols, comprehensive anti-counterfeit policies, licensing and accreditations are fully compliant and pass stringent safety criteria to ensure medical supplies and equipment meet the highest quality standards.
  • Medical teams operating in remote locations without mainstream medical support need quality supplies, on time, that consistently deliver optimal results. Our equipment and supplies are designed and delivered to be fully compliant with local import restrictions, passing stringent safety criteria, with safe transportation of light- or temperature-sensitive items.
  • Medical supply and equipment failure is not an option. Our team of global health care professionals tests our products to ensure they perform in remote and challenging environments.
  •, our online site, puts you in control of costs associated with clinical inventory management.
  • With online ordering and the ability to locate and track any order, medics can easily reorder and manage medical supplies quickly and efficiently, anytime, anywhere.

Product and Services

  • Consumables Appropriate to the skills of each healthcare professional and chosen for their safety and suitability for specific environments.
  • Pharmaceuticals Medical drugs used to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent disease can be given in times of need.
  • Medical Equipment Comprehensive range of clinic and medical supplies, including crash bags, suitable for medical teams operating with limited space and without mainstream medical support.
  • Medical Kits Curated, pre-packaged and customized medical supplies designed for remote and extreme environments.
  • Vehicle Supplies Tools, medicines, equipment housed within armoured or soft-shell ambulances and transport.
  • 24/7/365, online, catalogue-based ordering system reduces complexity associated with medical inventory management.


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