Managing the personal and organizational impact of critical incidents

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Our disaster response services combine proactive planning, comprehensive training and professional counseling to minimize the effect a critical incident could have on your employees and operations. Our consultants review your current incident response procedures to strengthen your business. Our training provides practical support for your people to build their resilience and our global network of professional counselors delivers immediate, ongoing and compassionate support in a crisis.

Our Critical Incident Support solutions include:

Crisis Management: A preventive training program including ‘Psychological First Aid’ and ‘First Responder Training’, providing your people with strategies to deal with difficult situations

Critical Incident Line: Access to advice for your managers and employees in a crisis

Onsite Post Trauma Support: Assistance to identify employees who are at most psychological risk

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Social Unrest

65 of 150 countries around the world are at a “high” or “very high” risk of social unrest. These include the Philippines, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, China & South Africa.

Learn about our Crisis Management Center Source:
Economist Intelligence Unit 2014
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